Chef Portrait

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The Chef and his career path

Epicureans and gourmets will fall in love with the charm of the Provençal cuisine of our Michelin starred chef, Christophe Renaud. He prepares creative and generous dishes with Mediterranean flavours, with sauces to savour with our homemade bread. Delicately balanced dishes feature vegetables and authentic flavours made with fresh products from the garden of La Coquillade, or of the region: olive oil of the Luberon, wild fish of the Mediterranean, and organic poultry of the Luberon.

Christophe Renaud likes to imagine his dishes as if they were paintings. The menu unwinds in a farandole of small dishes made primarily with vegetables: Luberon heirloom tomato gaspacho, local white asparagus/Maltese blood oranges, streusel, Carpentras strawberries… Each bite tantalizes the taste buds.

Originally from the Charentes Maritime, our chef found his passion in cooking. After working in the United States, in Alsace with “l’Auberge de l’Ill”, in the Camargue at “la Chassagnette”, then at “L’Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel”, he chose the position of  honour in the Luberon by settling at La Coquillade.

Advice from our chef

Poutargue or Bottarga:
Several countries are disputing the origin of the bottarga. In France, it was brought to Provence by the Phoenicians when they founded Marseille in the 11th century. It is in Martigues, a small and pretty Provençal port bordered with canals, that the poutargue became a speciality impossible to miss. The dish is comprised of mullet eggs, which are salted and dried, then covered with wax in order to keep the product’s quality intact. This dish is very popular on the Mediterranean coast and is called the caviar of the Mediterranean sea. Depending if it is from yellow or black mullet, the colour of the bottarga can vary from a pale yellow to a coppered orange.

According to chef Christophe Renaud: “With its iodized and slightly bitter taste, the poutargue goes perfectly with the olive oil from this region. It is also delicious when grated on a carpaccio of new violent artichokes or in fine slices on toast with olive oil and lemon juice.”

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