Environmental actions at La Coquillade

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Created in 1992, Ecolabel promotes products that reduce the negative impact on the environment. The criteria are based on energy consumption, water and air pollution, the production of waste, durable management of the forests and, in certain cases, noise and pollution of the grounds.

Since the beginning, Le Domaine de la Coquillade has made the choice to respect the environment while offering luxury services to its guests. This choice is a global, architectural and ecological concept, resulting from the personal principles of the management of Le Domaine. In addition to the investment made in the creation of an organization respectful of the environment, your daily actions help us to advance on the path of ecology and preservation.

Our approach at Le Domaine de la Coquillade is centred around several principles devoted to environmental protection:

  • Our energy resources are green energies: geothermic for the heating and the cooling of the floors of the establishment, natural gas, solar energy and green certificates from Electricity of France.
  • The water used for watering the green spaces and for flushing is not drinking water but is provided through the Provence canal.
  • All our trash, including those of our guests, are sorted and recycled.
  • The cleaning products we use (in the rooms and at the laundry) are labelled eco-friendly.
  • The products used by our chef and his staff are fresh, provided by local producers and mainly organic.
  • We have an organic garden of more than 800 m ² producing vegetables, fruit, aromatic herbs and flowers.
  • All the forests and paths of Le Domaine are irrigated and maintained to be resistant to fires.
Photo - 001